The American Bridge Association Education and Charitable Foundation, Inc, (abaECF), a 501C(3) non-profit organization is incorporated as a public charity. The abaECF, Inc., has its own by-laws and Board of Directors and is an arm of the American Bridge Association (ABA) that functions as a separate entity with governance by a fifteen member Board of Directors.


To engage in educational and charitable activities for the purpose of promoting bridge awareness, education, research, training, and scholarships.
To facilitate learning opportunities for young and adult citizens through the development of national and local bridge programs.


Raise and distribute Funds to support programs.
Promote National and local community bridge awareness.
Provide Bridge Participation Statistics and Information for research and educational purposes.
Develop new innovative Bridge Awareness Programs.

Please send donations to:
abaECF, inc.
555th Street
Somewhere USA 12345

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You can direct your SMILES Donations to the abaECF for student scholarships
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